Amazon Amazing

Well, we didn’t reach two hundred (ahem), but we did get a healthy number of reviews on Amazon. And Operation Bonnet is selling well! Woo hoo and thanks be to God (not in that order)!

I’ve decided to forgo the garden gnome, though this one is fetching:

Look at that bunny go!

So no racing bunny and competitive gnome, but I AM drawing for a Nook. You know, a Nook?

(Cute pink carrying case and daffodil not included.)

I realize this is a change from the original plan and perhaps some you are mourning the loss of the gnome. So I’ll give you an extra day or so to adjust. How about I draw for the Nook at high noon Sunday? So if you haven’t yet reviewed Op Bonnet here, you get a bit of extra time. And if you have reviewed but in hopes of garden decor, you have time to recalibrate your dreams.

Thanks for the love, folks! I’ll post Sunday. 🙂

p.s. Don’t forget to e-mail a link to your review to, so we can send you a very little something to thank you for your effort.

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  1. Hey Kim – I keep forgetting about writing a review, but on my latest trip to Barnes and Noble I turned your book to be a full frontal face-out (which probably has some literary term) , instead of just the spine showing (another unknown term). Does that count for something? 🙂
    Love you in Austin,

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