Behind the Music

I noticed today that our video has 1000 hits. I’m pretty sure that’s not quite up there with the man who can burp the alphabet underwater but it might be nearing less popular vids, like my Great Aunt Millie’s bridge tournament or the State of the Union address. I feel this auspicious occasion is a great time to answer some of the more oft-asked questions regarding this whole debacle, I mean, character-building exercise.

1. Yes, the cell phones were ours, of the early 1999 vintage. Even at that time, our friend Sean made it a point to ridicule Marc each time he pulled out the antenna and talked into a phone the size of a Chihuahua. In addition to the phones, we also are the proud owners of the Walkman, Marc’s stunning shades, and the tundra hat, which Marc wore to work today. I have TRIED, believe me, I’ve tried, to limit the wearing only to family gatherings indoors. But he loves that hat. And he got to wear it in his first music video. Give and take, people, give and take.

2. The laundry just HAPPENED to be in that state and at that height the day of the shoot. Our video guy, the brilliant Matt Johnson, tried to act like he wasn’t scared, but his eyes betrayed fear. Just wait, Matt. Soon you’ll be married to Jess and then you’ll have babies and one day, you’ll just give up on laundry all together and simply sleep on the pile. It’s super soft.

3. Marc worked for eleven years to perfect that move in front of Mount Rushmore. I’m so happy the fruits of his labor are being appreciated, at least by six-year-old Colin from Colorado, who, his mother reports, has become a fan of the song and likes to shout “SHIMMY!” each time he sees Marc bust that particular move. You just keep practicing, Colin. One day you, too, will be able to don a tux and shake it in front of a green screen. Shimmy!

4. Fame has its price. This weekend, we were eating out and a woman approached our table. I recognized her immediately as a dear friend from high school whom I hadn’t seen in a decade. Danielle now lives in Chicago but was home to celebrate her engagement (congrats, friend!). As she ate and unbeknownst to us, she kept looking at Marc, thinking, “I KNOW that guy. Why do I know that face?” Fortunately, at that moment, Marc stood up and started singing Spellbound with choreography and she got it. Just kidding, but she did realize she knew Marc before she knew me. I feel this is unjust.

5. I’m a bit ashamed at how little height I achieved with those 80’s bangs. Back in the day, I wouldn’t have shown my face with such a pathetic showing. Maybe next time…Should there be a next time? Wait—I can’t hear your answer. Marc is SINGING too loudly in the next room. If he asks me one more time to critique his Roger Rabbit…

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