Being Real With My Bad Self

Listen, I tried to be Wonder Blogger Girl. I really did. For awhile there, I was posting three (THREE!) times a week, which easily shattered any previous record ever set here. And I enjoyed it because I like you people and I like hearing from you.

Turns out, however, thrice weekly was too much. I’m sure you were tired of my musings and I was running out of time to, say, read books or keep current on international affairs. Also, I MUST clean the upstairs bathrooms. This whole balance between living and working continues to be a work in progress. Can I get an amen? Anyone else out there struggling with raising a family, cultivating a marriage, working every now and then, and remembering to play?

I’m still going to hang out here once a week and I sure as heck hope you’ll join me. Shall we plan on Thursdays? Thursdays sound good. It’s a date, then. I might even wear lip gloss, I’m so motivated.

So thrice-weekly blogging will need to go the way of the dinosaurs, Lee Press-On Nails, and low-rise jeans. I don’t actually know if low-rise jeans are out for the general populace, but they certainly are for me. Things have happened in my low-rise region that produced three lovely children and an extra accessory for my midriff.

Leann Morgan says it best. I love this clip.

Tuck in those purses and see you next week. I’ll be the one with the armpit jeans. 

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  1. Glad you will be here once a week (but so glad you were transparent about three… such an encouragement to me!) =0)

    Love your musings, as always – and love starting my day laughing!! =0)

    God will so honor your priorities!!

  2. Amen to that life-work-sanity-dilemma. And to the problems with low-rise jeans…Hey, speaking of needing time to read, there was another book I wanted to rave about to you. I just read Still by Lauren Winner. AMAZING. She's doing a talk next month in Holland called "Confessions of a Bookworm".

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