February 6, 2013
Signs, Signs, Everywhere are Signs

Now that I’m noticing signage, I’m really getting a charge out of how weird so many of them are. Who makes signs? Are they the same, humorless people who work at the DMV? I saw a few particularly helpful signs on a recent trip and I felt the grave responsibility of sharing them with you. … Continue reading “Signs, Signs, Everywhere are Signs”

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January 4, 2013
Signage, Part Two

Just in case I need a reminder, I’ve placed this in a prominent position: True enough, right?

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December 29, 2012
Signage, Part One

Say this word five times fast: Signage. Say it. Now assure your children you haven’t been drinking, but that when you get older, laughs are cheap and you have to resort to reading blogs by crazy people. When Marc was in grad school, he came home one day and told me in a disbelieving tone … Continue reading “Signage, Part One”

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