April 15, 2016
Spring Fashion Report 2016

Spring has sprung! The buds on my viburnum smell delicious, my daffodils are in full bloom, and this sentence sounds like I know what to do in a yard. That’s the prerogative of a blog writer. You get to lie at will. To help you get the most out of your life, I here offer … Continue reading “Spring Fashion Report 2016”

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April 8, 2016
How much wood…

It’s that time of year again. The time of new shoots pushing through the dirt, the time of blue skies (if you don’t live in Iowa this week), and the time of the woodchuck. That’s right. The woodchuck. That disgusting, weirdo animal that follows me wherever I go. I even moved houses a few years … Continue reading “How much wood…”

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April 1, 2016
A Week in the Life

Good gravy, I’m tired. Why am I so tired? Are you tired? You know this means we are old. We never used to be tired. Old people are exhausted. Probably because they have been walking and talking and processing and thinking and parenting for so long. And probably also because just seeing famous people gets … Continue reading “A Week in the Life”

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March 25, 2016
Amazing Grace

Today is Good Friday. This term, “Good Friday,” has caused no shortage of consternation at our dinner table over the years.  “What is good about Good Friday?”  Thea has a particular issue with the terminology. “Jesus died! A horrible, mean, painful death! He died and He didn’t even do anything wrong! It should be called … Continue reading “Amazing Grace”

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March 18, 2016
Spring Break 2016

I visited my sister this week. The kids and I got in the car to drive from Des Moines to Denver and 2765 hours later, we arrived. We had a lovely time. We hiked a mountain. Some of us got courier service down the rough patches.   We saw some beautiful views and tried out avant … Continue reading “Spring Break 2016”

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March 25, 2013
Hope Springs Eternal

Is it over yet? This is the disheartening visual of my attempt to ascend our driveway this morning after taking Ana to school. I didn’t make it. After schlepping Thea in my arms up to the house, her fingers a death-grip on my coat as I slipped and slid, I felt it was time to … Continue reading “Hope Springs Eternal”

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March 23, 2011
Kindle Lovin’

Spring is in the air, thanks be to God! Every year, I worry I might not make it. At least without crying on the kitchen floor and asking my children to fend for themselves because I have to get outside, even if there is a blizzard warning. But then spring arrives, I see daffodils peeking … Continue reading “Kindle Lovin’”

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