May 12, 2017
Hey, Mama.

I have a really phenomenal mom. Mother’s Day always reminds me of this, but I have lots of reminders all the time. Here are a few of the biggies. One: This: We are living in the time of graduations and senior photos, and can I just mention that everything is better now? The parties are … Continue reading “Hey, Mama.”

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March 31, 2017
Love, Home Ec, And The Food Story Behind SUGAR

One of my favorite questions that keeps popping up after people read Sugar is this: “Kim, have you ever studied at a culinary school ?” I get a little shiver of happiness whenever this question is posed, first because I want to look like Giada and cook like Ina. I’m not exactly batting 300 for either of … Continue reading “Love, Home Ec, And The Food Story Behind SUGAR”

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February 3, 2017
Toto and I Both Bless the Rains

I just returned from Africa. I went to Kenya. It was beautiful. The land is beautiful. Photo by The food is beautiful.     The wildlife is beautiful. Some of us felt this beauty more strongly than others. Ew. And actually, when I think about it, not every member of the wildlife crew is beautiful. … Continue reading “Toto and I Both Bless the Rains”

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December 5, 2016
I MET AMY GRANT. I can die now.

You guys. I met Amy Grant. Here is proof. Amy Grant is my pretend-friend-famous-person. Do you have one of those? The famous person you find approachable and authentic and who you think you would totally be fast friends with if only the person wasn’t so busy being famous and could instead move to Des Moines? … Continue reading “I MET AMY GRANT. I can die now.”

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October 21, 2016
Say What You Mean (Kind of)

All this political ridiculousness has got me thinking. I’ve gotten VERY JUDGEY in the last year with regards to politicians and all their talky-talk. You need to have a little pity for me with this because I live in Iowa, which means we were getting mailers, phone calls, and television ads voiced over by men … Continue reading “Say What You Mean (Kind of)”

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October 7, 2016
In defense of parents who aren’t insane

Readers. Friends. Countrymen and women. Lend me your ear and let’s chat about youth sports. Youth sports. THE LAND OF THE INSANE. Marc and I are receiving an education this fall in youth sports. Up until this time, for the first fourteen years of our parenting life, we have been entirely naive. We have done … Continue reading “In defense of parents who aren’t insane”

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September 2, 2016
Summer Beauty And Other Myths

Listen, I know I’ve been out for awhile. I’ve missed you. But now that we’re all back together again, can we talk about summer beauty? I don’t believe in it any more. And not only because the summer’s almost over and I’m jaded and sun damagaed. I don’t believe in because it doesn’t exist in … Continue reading “Summer Beauty And Other Myths”

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May 9, 2013
Thanks, Mama!

A Happy Mother’s Day shout-out to the venerable Patti. I love you, Mom! And many, many blessings on all you mamas out there. Thank you for loving those under your care.

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February 27, 2013
The Waiting

I am waiting. So far, I am not very good at it. I finished a manuscript last summer and I’m waiting to see where and if it lands.  Photo credit. Listen, I should tell you that I have a long, colorful history with God and his faithfulness. In all the years I’ve walked with him … Continue reading “The Waiting”

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December 18, 2012

I thought I could do it. I thought I should do it, to resume this blog without mentioning the ache we all have about what happened Friday in Connecticut. I even wrote a different post, figuring we’d heard enough of the pain, the insanity, the grief that has only begun. But I read stories to … Continue reading “”

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November 19, 2012
Let’s Talk Turkey

Do you think I’m shallow if my all-time favorite holiday is completely focused on food consumption? Thanksgiving makes me so happy.  (Photo source) I look a lot like this when I say the word. “Thanksgiving,” I say, and then I make my hands into a prayerful pose, tie on my checkered apron, and look over yon … Continue reading “Let’s Talk Turkey”

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November 21, 2011
Giving Thanks Anew

Hi, friends. I’ve been out of the blogging loop and devoting any extra writing time to my new novel. 🙂 Can’t talk about it yet, but I’ll keep you posted. Thanksgiving is Thursday. In honor of a day devoted to gratitude, I thought I’d help you check in with Clara. Remember Clara? I just reread … Continue reading “Giving Thanks Anew”

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October 4, 2011
One of These Days

My children are growing like crazy. I realize this is not a scientific discovery to shake our world as we know it but it’s still a big deal to me. For one thing, their legs all seem super long. It’s getting a bit scrunchy in a twin bed to read stories at night, which is … Continue reading “One of These Days”

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September 27, 2011
While I’ll Never Make It In The Fashion Biz, Part Deux

True confession: I watch Project Runway. I don’t watch a whole lot of TV, mostly because I’m very tired and irritable at night and I’ve found the best antidote to that condition is reading a good book and then falling asleep with it on my neck. But I do DVR Project Runway and I’m not … Continue reading “While I’ll Never Make It In The Fashion Biz, Part Deux”

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September 20, 2011
Should I Be Worried?

Thea prayed with me before bed tonight and then informed me that God was “this big.” She made a big circle with her little arms. I agreed. “At least that big, yes.” “And Goliath was this big.” She made the circle incrementally smaller. “Right. He was much smaller than God. But he made fun of … Continue reading “Should I Be Worried?”

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September 13, 2011

Today’s post is meant to encourage those of you who are in the depths of despair. Anne of Green Gables used this phrase and rather freely, though I’m not sure any of her despair really warranted such theatrics. Which is exactly why I love Anne of Green Gables and am still hoping my hair will … Continue reading “Perspective”

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September 6, 2011
Act My Age

Can someone please clarify for me when I became a ma’am? I am now fully a ma’am. As in, “Ma’am, is this your child we found running naked through the lobby?” Or “Ma’am, none of these clothes have been in fashion for the last decade. We cannot accept anything you own (or are presently wearing) … Continue reading “Act My Age”

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August 30, 2011
Remember the Alamo

I have a very noticeable and alarming problem with remembering my life. I’m very serious about this. I cannot remember really important things, like where Marc and I went on our first date or the way my children sounded before they could say their “r’s.” I can’t remember the names of friends with whom I … Continue reading “Remember the Alamo”

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August 23, 2011
Back At It

After a summer hiatus, I am revving back into our real lives. For those of you who follow this blog, and by that I mean Mom, thanks for your patience. I love you and will get you a really awesome Christmas present. Isn’t summer lovely? I did not miss the schedules, the running, the grabbing … Continue reading “Back At It”

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June 6, 2011
And the winner is….

….BeachB! BeachB is the proud owner of a Nook! I used a random number generator ( and have a marital witness to vouch for my process. (This is the man who, as a boy of six, made his mother stop the car so he could confront a nursing home about their frayed American flag. No … Continue reading “And the winner is….”

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June 2, 2011
Amazon Amazing

Well, we didn’t reach two hundred (ahem), but we did get a healthy number of reviews on Amazon. And Operation Bonnet is selling well! Woo hoo and thanks be to God (not in that order)! I’ve decided to forgo the garden gnome, though this one is fetching: Look at that bunny go! So no racing … Continue reading “Amazon Amazing”

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March 16, 2011
Quite Right

Is it weird that I’ve been thinking a lot about British people? It must be the accent. I mean, seriously. I dare any woman within earshot to deny the power of a British accent. I’m not one to swoon (though I saw Michael Buble in concert a few years back and I came VERY CLOSE … Continue reading “Quite Right”

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March 8, 2011

No sign of Da Poss. I’m very grateful to the many folks who e-mailed me with lots of helpful solutions, my favorite of which included an undercover offer to “take care of” Da Poss, but only if I kept this person’s identity a secret. Betcha didn’t know there’s a Poss Mafia around here, did you? … Continue reading “”

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February 16, 2011
Mutual of Omaha

Remember Chuckles? Well, he has a cousin. Don’t be impressed with the cute, imploring look. Here’s a side view that betrays his RAT origins: Seriously, people. I am NOT running a wildlife refuge here. A possum! (I believe the correct term is “opossum,” but does anyone actually say that? Maybe British people?) It comes and … Continue reading “Mutual of Omaha”

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February 11, 2011

Holy catfish, do we get excited about a new book! When I say “we” in reference to my nuclear family, I mean Marc and I. The kids are completely over the entire publishing business and would prefer that we watch a movie. Mitch said to me today, “Mom, that Operation Bonnet book has been out … Continue reading “Wowza!”

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February 1, 2011
Release Day

Operation Bonnet releases today. I’m very excited, pretty tired, but mostly grateful. Who gets to have this job?! I make up pretend people and then write about them and you all read them and say kind things to me. I am typically a chatty person. Ahem. But today I’m nearly speechless. Not totally speechless, for … Continue reading “Release Day”

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January 26, 2011
Step Right Up!

We have three winners! Allison O., Jenna V., and Brenda S. have each one a petite copy of Act Two! Congrats, girls. May this small win bring a bit of comfort in this bleak midwinter. Listen, people, I love this kind of thing. So stay tuned. I’m going to be giving away stuff pretty darn … Continue reading “Step Right Up!”

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January 19, 2011
Free Stuff, Part One

This is how I imagine winter to be at the beginning of the season: (Photo by Think hot cider, a walk through woods, a new pair of mittens, Marc remarking on how very luminous I appear against the falling snow. Turns out, I’m not luminous. I’m pale. And getting a little cranky. I feel … Continue reading “Free Stuff, Part One”

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January 5, 2011
Say A Prayer

One thing they don’t tell you when you sign up to write books is that you should be ready to get your Paris Hilton on. You know Paris, right? The Queen of Self Promotion? I don’t tote around my own Chihuahua, though I do carry a 20-pound toddler with a runny nose. And I don’t … Continue reading “Say A Prayer”

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December 25, 2010
A Midnight Clear

Merry Christmas, dear ones! I hope this day is full of great joy, sweet peace, and coveted rest. Here are sweet words written by someone much more poetic than I: O ye beneath life’s crushing load,Whose forms are bending low,Who toil along the climbing wayWith painful steps and slow;Look now, for glad and golden hoursCome … Continue reading “A Midnight Clear”

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