March 31, 2017
Love, Home Ec, And The Food Story Behind SUGAR

One of my favorite questions that keeps popping up after people read Sugar is this: “Kim, have you ever studied at a┬áculinary school ?” I get a little shiver of happiness whenever this question is posed, first┬ábecause I want to look like Giada and cook like Ina. I’m not exactly batting 300 for either of … Continue reading “Love, Home Ec, And The Food Story Behind SUGAR”

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March 11, 2016
Visit to Centro (Field Trip!)

Most of my life is raising a family with Marc. And by that I mean most of my life is making messes and then cleaning up the messes, both literal and figurative. And then sometimes I write novels, usually while wearing a bathrobe and a furrowed brow, which is only adding to The Wrinkle Issue. … Continue reading “Visit to Centro (Field Trip!)”

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April 11, 2013
It’s a Big, Tasty World

Have I mentioned my love of food? I know I did recently, but I don’t talk about food here nearly as much as I, say, think about food. Or shop for it, prepare it, eat it, and then think about it again. Heck, I even write about it. No Kimberly Stuart book is complete without … Continue reading “It’s a Big, Tasty World”

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March 8, 2013
Love Letter To Carbs

I do so love to eat. I am not the girl who forgets a meal. I have never understood people who say, with genuine surprise, “Oh, dear golly! I was so busy, I forgot to eat lunch!” No, no, never.  I also love breakfast and dinner. And dessert. I like to cook and then I … Continue reading “Love Letter To Carbs”

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