Found and Kept: Contest Winners!

Thanks so much to all the participants in the STRETCH MARKS FINDERS KEEPERS PROJECT! All those playing along received a signed copy of the book to keep and then were asked to pass along a few more to people and places where my prospective readers might be found.

I loved hearing where you went, how you made the Mafioso drop-offs, seeing your photos of your favorites. Folks left copies of STRETCH MARKS hither and yon, including:
* At a Disney on Ice performance, perched on a hand dryer in the ladies’ room
* Behind a copy of Father of the Bride at a video store
* Strapped in a car seat in the baby section at Target
* In a lactation room (lactation room!) at the University of Iowa
* In pediatrician and OB offices all over the universe
* With various and sundry moms who needed a break and may or may not have looked like it
* Even with the members of the band Mercy Me! (Thanks, Stacia S.!)

…So many fun and inspired sightings. The winners of the photo contest, though, are those that follow. Linda H. schlepped copies of STRETCH MARKS on the way to visit her new grandbaby in Australia. She found two moms in Sydney and gave them the book.

See the Sydney Opera House in the background?

That baby is barely out of the hospital! Why is that mom looking so pretty and fresh? Where’s the flab on those thighs and upper arms? Why is she smiling? Don’t babies down under pass through the birth canal?

My other favorites came from Kate B., who not only made a creative gift out of the book and left it by the fireplace at a coffee shop, she also added her comments.

Linda and Kate will receive chocolate, a small token of literary love, and lunch to their favorite spot on me. Congrats, girls!

Thanks again to all! I so appreciate your time and willingness to have a fun adventure in the name of a good story.

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