Happy Thanksgiving!

Did you eat your weight in turkey? Are you still feeling grateful? Or just bloated?

I feel full, and not just because of the gorgonzola smashed potatoes. Or the cornbread stuffing. Or the pecan pie. Ahem. I’m full of gratitude to God for many reasons this year, one of which is that Operation Bonnet was just picked up by Wal-Mart! Some sweet person of influence found my book, read it, loved it and placed a huge order this week with my publisher.

God bless Sam Walton!

Only God could orchestrate such a coup. I am not John Grisham, though I’ve heard he’s a very nice man. He might be used to such a big deal and a big order, but I, friends, am not. When my publisher called to tell me the news, I had to hang up. “I have to go cry,” I said. He gave me permission and I fulfilled my promise and wept like the crazy-grateful, not-famous writer that I am.

When February comes and the book is released, you might find me hanging out at a Wal-Mart near you. Not for some fancy book tour–I might just stalk the produce section and watch the book section from afar. Don’t be alarmed if I kiss you when you pick up my book. And no pressure to buy, even if I’m crying. Seriously. I’m just a bit emotional about it, that’s all.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends! I have to go cry.

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