In Glowing Terms

I had coffee with Anita Renfroe last weekend. Do you know this woman? You might have seen her Momsense song on YouTube. Or heard her spots on Good Morning America. Or read about her in the New York Times. Or laughed yourself to painful sensations listening to her at Woman of Faith. Anita and I write for the same publisher and met through the book bih-nuss. Let me assure you, she is the real deal. Smart, funny, kind to minions like me, AND she has great skin.

This photo does not do it justice. When I look at this photo, I have a hard time getting past the WIDTH and BREADTH of my forehead. Mammoth. I also get distracted by the beginnings of double chin. Forehead-y and chin-y. Sweet.

If you can get past those issues, and I have faith you can, you need to look at Anita’s skin. It is phenomenal. Clear of any signs of problem areas, shiny spots, and altogether glow-emitting. And this was after two solid days of speaking to a crowd of 7000 Women of Faith goers! I get cold sores after watching athletic competitions WHEN NO ONE CAN SEE ME, people. I can’t imagine the riotous shape of my skin after public speaking in an arena equipped with hot dog vendors.

So she has great skin. And she’s very patient with people who can’t get over it. Anita promises I, too, could glow if I could only move to Atlanta and become a client of her “facialist”. I don’t think I’d know a “facialist” if she hit me in the T-zone, but Anita assured me I would because her facialist is a Hungarian woman who beats the living daylights out of a tense facial muscle and can tighten even the most stubborn pore. I think Anita talked about other stuff, like what it’s like to film the pilot of a sitcom and what she’s thinking about the book industry and what it feels like to fly to four cities in the space of one week. But all I could think of was how soon I could get to Atlanta to track down the Hungarian woman and let her get to WORK.

Now that I’ve seen this photo, however, I might have to wait. The forehead alone is going to require a special kind of “facialist,” one who can see beyond the vast, untethered landscape and right to the well-intentioned heart.

I’m off to exfoliate, but you should visit Anita’s site. Watch the video clips and check back, because I saw the first bit of her not-yet-released cover of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies.” Anita’s version: “Wrinkled Ladies.”

Not that she’d know anything about that.

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  1. She IS awesome, Berly (KJ?) with the cute dog photo-

    When we were finished chatting, a gaggle of ladies recognized her and, even in her exhaustion, she was so kind and willing to talk, listen, pose for photos. From the speaking gigs I've done, I know that at that point in the weekend, I would have wanted to curl up on the ceramic tile for a nap. 🙂 She postponed the ceramic tile and was nice to all. The real deal!

  2. Erin, clearly you don't know I have age spots and inexplicable redness. But I'm tickled you would be tickled. I'm headed to NC in the next few months or so. Can't wait to meet the Fierce Beagle in person. 🙂

    Linda, I'm headed over right now. Does it involve Chinese food?

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