Love Letter To Carbs

I do so love to eat. I am not the girl who forgets a meal. I have never understood people who say, with genuine surprise, “Oh, dear golly! I was so busy, I forgot to eat lunch!”

No, no, never. 

I also love breakfast and dinner. And dessert. I like to cook and then I like eating what I cook. 

Is that so wrong?

I just can’t imagine coming to the end of my earthly tenure and saying, “Gosh, I wish I hadn’t eaten chocolate cake.” Or, “Dear Gussie, I should never have enjoyed cinnamon rolls. Cinnamon rolls were my undoing!”
Now, listen, you health people. I’m not saying I should sit down at an all-night buffet four times a week and inhale all sorts of saturated fats in solid, liquid and gas forms. But I do think we can enjoy food without feeling miserable about ourselves. All foods! In reasonable portion sizes! Embrace the love!

My new novel has a lovely amount of food in it, so I have food on the brain. Today, I’m thinking about this.
And this.

And God bless them, these.

Clearly, winter is having its effect. I don’t see a lot of leafy greens represented here…

You? What makes your mouth water these days?

4 thoughts on “Love Letter To Carbs”

  1. oh how I love the fact you love your food!!! Getting giddy over food with you is one of my favorite things, right after whiskers on kittens! 🙂

  2. What I would like to do is post this loud and clear on my facebook page right now. But you have no button. Without buttons I am disabled.

    Too many of my friends have either gone gluten free, or vegan, or carb-lowered, or free range only, or grass-fed, or shade grown, or wheat free. This is sad. In principle (the principle of earth-friendly and body-healthy) I agree with all these freedoms. But my foodiness forbids it.

    Concurrently with writing this comment I am searching Amazon for pudding basins. These are bowls of a certain round shape and used for steaming delectable, lumpcious, English puddings (not American
    jello thingys, as yummy as those may be) made with suet (aahh!!!)and sugar and lots of other amazingness, and steamed in the above basin, then turned out and served with double cream and custard. Ow!!

    This is ultimate carb love, British style!! Thanks for the permission, Kimberly.

  3. Lemon cake from Cache bakery. And chocolate covered almonds. And chocolate croissants from La Mie. A prairie burger from Tartine with frites and aoli sauce. And wine. hmm. I see a french theme here…anyway, PREACH IT, 'cause you know I'm always singin in your choir!

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