Party Like It’s 2009

Today I blog! ‘Tis the beginning of a new era, friends. I’m being dragged, kicking and screaming, into the 21st century, a world of YouTube, Twitter, posts, widgets, gadgets, and blogs (I don’t officially know what three of those things mean).

If you’re game, listen in, join in, or butt in. I’m happy to see you here. But be forewarned: I’m the girl who had to be told for her latest manuscript that people don’t actually own answering machines anymore and that using the word “dork” would age my characters. AGE THEM. I didn’t mention that I’d acquired a fancy-shmancy newfangled bit o’ technology just LAST MONTH. It’s called CALLER I.D. and it has changed my life! You can see who’s calling and choose whether or not to answer! On a non-cellular phone!

Using the word “cellular” ages a writer.

Good to see you here, dear reader. Please come by again. You never know: today I blog, tomorrow I just might figure out how to set the clock on my VCR.

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  1. Well. I, for one, am extremely happy about this development. Maybe it'll motivate me into dusting off my own long-abandoned blog! ~Maija

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