Should I Be Worried?

Thea prayed with me before bed tonight and then informed me that God was “this big.” She made a big circle with her little arms.

I agreed. “At least that big, yes.”

“And Goliath was this big.” She made the circle incrementally smaller.

“Right. He was much smaller than God. But he made fun of God, didn’t he?”

She nodded gravely. “He was very naughty.” Pause. “God and Jesus wear cween (clean) clothes. But Goliath wore dirty clothes.”

Really? I’m not sure this is supported by Scripture. But, heck, we’re going to stick with the theme: Goliath=naughty. God=awesome.

One more jab before lights out. Thea said with certainty, “And Gowhyiff (Goliath) is dead. Dead, deady-dead.”

Score thus far– God:1, Gowhyiff: 0.

Next up: Herod.

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