Signs, Signs, Everywhere are Signs

Now that I’m noticing signage, I’m really getting a charge out of how weird so many of them are. Who makes signs? Are they the same, humorless people who work at the DMV? I saw a few particularly helpful signs on a recent trip and I felt the grave responsibility of sharing them with you. Think of it as a Public Service Announcement, signage style. (Not to be confused with Gangham Style, but I bet these signs will make even more sense if you do the dance while you look at them.)
First, breastfeeding is depressing, especially on airplanes.

Second, using laser vision at the exit nearest your seat will make the time pass quickly even if you didn’t score a seat in business class.
Third, Wheelchair Ejection is a little known but awesome ride at Disneyland. Get a Fast Pass first and come back later because the lines are killer.
Finally, infants who don floatation devices at night are likely to get their greatest ideas in the quiet of a midnight float. Please don’t interrupt their train of thought, and for goodness’ sake, don’t let them wear socks.
Happy Wednesday!

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