While I’ll Never Make It In The Fashion Biz, Part Deux

True confession: I watch Project Runway. I don’t watch a whole lot of TV, mostly because I’m very tired and irritable at night and I’ve found the best antidote to that condition is reading a good book and then falling asleep with it on my neck. But I do DVR Project Runway and I’m not sure if that makes me trashy or cool.

If there’s one thing Project Runway has taught me it’s that the line is very fine between trashy and cool. Take this outfit, for example:

It won accolades from the judges (with the exception of the pumpkin-inspired hair). Maybe I’m at a loss because I can’t find my stilts, but even without the extra height, what is the draw here? Billowy teal top with rhinestones? I swear I wore that with “dress shorts” and a matching headband to my freshman homecoming dance.

And this might like fantastic for the average female:

But I don’t think I have the neck for it.

My confusion with all this should surprise none of you. Remember my complete shock and horror with the skinny jean phenomenon? They’re back again this fall, which means the score is Fashion: 45, Kim: -5.

I’m trying to keep up, folks. But I don’t feel it’s going well. I just got used to pointy-toed heels and now they are OUT with a capital O. ROUNDED heels, people. Or maybe that was last season….

Really I need immunity for the next challenge. Immunity would be perfect. Can I at least have immunity for skinny jeans? I promise I’ll change out my pointy toes if I can keep wearing flared pants.

Also, you can have my car.

All in all, I think you’ll agree we both come out ahead.

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  1. i love project runway, so you are COOL! (at least in my book!!) Half the time I think stuff looks hideous on the show and the judges oohh & aaahhh over it.

    I grant you immunity for skinny jeans…although I swore I'd never wear them and I love mine! IMHO bootcut (flared) jeans will always be in!

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