Wow, you people love free stuff! I KNEW we were meant to be friends because you’re talking to the woman who would bypass any number of department stores with marble floors to get one good hour in TJMaxx. Only a few weeks into this blogging idea and we had a whole slew of entries. Just goes to show people are reading who are not, technically, blood relatives.

So I’m happy to announce the two winners of the first fantabugorgeous giveaway at the Kimberly Stuart blog. Rachel C. and Missy T. will receive a free copy of Act Two and the summer issue of Life:Beautiful magazine. Congratulations, girls! And for all who entered but didn’t win this time, check back, dear readers. More free stuff is coming down the pike.

A word about the selection process: As I sat before my inbox and wondered how best to get the entries onto paper and into the sombrero (see previous entry), I asked Marc how he’d recommend going about it. Have I mentioned he was a physics major? This can be an asset (when fixing the lawnmower that I’ve kicked in my impatience) and a detriment (when gunning for Most Perfectly Symmetric Christmas Tree Display hours after the kids have gone to bed). Two sentences into his illuminating discourse on the benefits of a True Random Number Generator, my eyes glazed over. If I can’t find it at Target, I’m not sure it’s a good fit. And what’s this about a generator? Sounds awfully Y2K. But as Marc—dare I use the verb “droned”?—on, I saw a message from Helpful Reader Linda H., who assured me that True Random Number Generators exist for regular people, not just cute physics majors who did research in a field called Molecular Beam Spectroscopy. (NOT KIDDING.) In fact, here’s a photo of Missy T.’s winning number 50:

Please don’t tell Marc that Linda H.’s advice weighed a bit more heavily than his. He might take it out on some unsuspecting data.

Rest assured, friends. We’re not operating some shady operation around here. Your numbers are safe, random, and Y2K-proof.

So what am I supposed to do with this sombrero?


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  1. LOL. Don't tell Marc? Are you telling me he doesn't read your blog, Kim? He is missing out! 😉 Please tell him I said hi. I'm still in the process of unpacking and came across some "vintage" pics of us from high school today!

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