Holy catfish, do we get excited about a new book! When I say “we” in reference to my nuclear family, I mean Marc and I. The kids are completely over the entire publishing business and would prefer that we watch a movie. Mitch said to me today, “Mom, that Operation Bonnet book has been out FOREVER.” Well, one week. But close enough.

The grand book launch was so much fun, I’m still sleeping it off. We were hoping for a good crowd, but honestly, I was cautious in my optimism. Iowa winters can weary a person and the high Monday was somewhere near Depressing and Deathly with a Side of Frostbite. Instead of duct taping themselves to space heaters, however, my dear, beloved, loyal readers came out in full force and we filled the room! I heard the final count was 150, which is insane for a literary event. Thank you, thank you, thank you for coming out to support me. I could cry the Cat Cry right now, if I thought about it too much.

One of the sweetest moments for me was when my grandma came through the line for a signed copy. She waited in line to the very last, and she’s a sassy 88 years old. She purchased the final copy, which is dear, since blood relation are entitled to complimentary literature.

I have a horrible feeling I’ll be nothing but cuss words and age spots when I’m 88, but my grandma radiates joy, love for Jesus, and a readiness to bungy jump. I adore her and am so grateful she made the long trip from Oklahoma to celebrate with us.

I got my very first manicure. Go red or go home.

And then there were the cupcakes.

My friend, Catherine Drummond, is the Cupcake Queen and she brought along amazing desserts for all. I did hear happy, audible sighing from her corner of the room. Many have asked, so here is her contact info: Della Dulce Bakery also has a Facebook page. You’ll probably want to contact them and order a dozen cupcakes today. Thanks again, dear Cat and Leah, the Della Dulce team.

Thanks for a great night, everybody. Can I call you again next time?

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  1. Aww, I'm so proud of you! When I saw Act Two at our library I must admit I bragged that you were my relation. And it was so good to see your grandma in the pics! Say hello to her from the Michigan family!!

  2. Thanks, all!
    ~Cousin Marge, I'm happy you feel bragging is in order. You never know with blood relatives.

    ~Linda, it was great to see you! And great write-up in the Register for your quilters at Hope!

    ~Erin, Terra, Susan, and Berly ( 🙂 ), thanks for your kind words. And yes, the cupcakes were FAN.TAS.TIC.

    ~Heather, you can blame me any day of any week for your messy house. Also, I don't believe you. I've never seen your house in anything but photo-worthy condition. Nice try.

    ~Meredith, The Cat Cry Power Ballad. I LOVE IT. Watch what you wish for….

  3. Congratulations Kim! I was one who duct-taped herself to her space heater that night – but I was there in spirit. So fun knowing an author!!

    Diane Sexton

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